January 19th, 6:00pm-8:30pm


●Your proposal doesn’t need to be a novel. 
● Short, quick and to the point. 
● Your project must be STEM Education related: Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics 
● The idea must be about the 22.8 square miles of Holyoke.
● You cannot use technology to present your idea.
● You must work or be involved with a Holyoke Public School.
● We DO NOT email you to say that we received your application.
● When you hit the word “submit” a screen will prompt you that we received it. 
● You can submit your idea more than once. 
● If your idea doesn’t get selected for this Soup Event, you are more than welcome to to apply to our regular Holyoke Soup Events taking place 4 times a year.
● Save your work ahead of time. Once you submit your application, we cannot share your final submission. 
● Save what you wrote, so if you want to resubmit later you have the language you want for later. 
● Anything you submit will be used in printed packets at the dinner. 
● Make sure you edit, look for spelling errors, etc.
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What school are you from? *

What is your position at your school? *

Briefly explain what your project is about. *

Why does your project matter to the Holyoke Community? *

How will you use the Holyoke Soup raised funds towards the realization of your project? *

If you receive the most votes, will you agree to share how you used Soup funds towards the completion of your project at a future Soup night?* *

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